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Learn the lute online with the 'Beginner's Renaissance Lute Tutor'.

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The course includes:

  • 7 introductory lessons
  • 30 beginner's lessons and 3 intermediate lessons
  • 9 technical exercises
  • In depth analysis of right and left hand 'thumb inside' Renaissance technique.
  • Free support via email.
  • Advice on buying a lute and stringing it.
  • Links to useful lute-related websites.
  • A glossary of lute terms.
  • Two free solo lute albums to download.

Each lesson includes:

  • A new piece to learn, constructively graded by difficulty to allow simple progressive learning.
  • A video performance of the piece with focus on both hands.
  • Three simple technical and musical suggestions to focus on.

Try a sample lesson for free, and a sample page on technique!

Once subscribed, you will be emailed details enabling you to access the lessons online.

The course costs £50 per year and includes all future updates.

Subscribers will also receive 20% off private lessons with me via skype or in person. See my Teaching page for more details.

20% of all new subscriptions will be donated to the UK Lute Society.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.


"I was delighted to discover this invaluable on-line teaching course for those wishing to learn how to play a renaissance lute properly. I am surprised no one has done this before, given the era of modern technology. The quality of the video material is excellent and allows a beginner to understand the required thumb and finger movements lucidly. An excellent contribution to lute pedagogy."
Ray Wainwright (beginner lutenist)

 Who am I?

*This course is designed for those wanting to learn the Renaissance lute in 'G' (6-10 courses/string-pairs) not the Baroque lute in 'd minor' (11-13 courses) or the Theorbo. Please email me if you are unsure whether your instrument is correct for this course.

*Please also note that this course is not designed to replace the role of lute teachers, only enhance the learning process. I recommend that subscribers have lessons in person in addition to this course.

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