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Each course is comprised of several short, easy-to-grasp, lessons that encourage a gentle and progressive learning experience. Each lesson focuses on a new piece and contains a study-video and the accompanying music. Alongside the videos are expert notes to help guide students through the particular technical or musical elements required.

Alex McCartney portrait
McCartney virtually shreds his accompaniments with fervent plucking and percussive strumming.
— Richard Brody, The New Yorker

Alex McCartney has a busy performing schedule which takes him to concert halls across the world. He has released several solo albums to critical acclaim and continues to help other artists do the same at Veterum Musica. Aside from performing, recording, and a nascent interest in making musical video games, Alex is passionate about sharing his knowledge of lute-playing and pedagogy.

Alex McCartney holding a lute

This course is designed for the renaissance lute. The main course is helpfully designed to be compatible with any variation of the renaissance lute: anything from 6-10 courses. You can also do this course on a guitar, provided you have a capo and don't mind re-tuning your instrument slightly. If you are uncertain as to whether this course is right for your instrument, then please get in touch.

Some parts of the course are available for free but if you're looking for a thorough learning experience, then you might want to consider a subscription. With three subscription options you can choose what works for your pace of study. You can also stop and start your subscription as you please and at any time. There are no hidden or 'extra' charges and if you have any questions about your subscription, then we're here to help.