January Lute Challenge

The challenge has begun!

Join me for 30 days and 30 new pieces this January!

Every day in January 2022 I'll upload a new video and provide the music for download. All you'll need is a renaissance lute and plenty of enthusiasm. All the pieces will be playable on a 6course (+) lute, so that the challenge is as accessible as possible.

The challenge is completely free, just sign up below so that you can let everyone know about your progress and stay updated.

**Update 06/01/2022**

I've been totally overwhelmed by the response from everyone (over 200 lutenists have signed up so far!), thanks for your emails and messages. I do hope you all enjoy 30 days of sharing music together.

Good luck and let me know how you get on,

Alex McCartney

**Update 30/01/2022**

Well done to all the lutenists who have taken part and completed this Challenge! I hope you've all had a good time playing through the pieces.

Considering the amazing response and participation in the Challenge, I'm now having a think about how I might fit recording maybe a couple of these 'walk-through' sessions a month into my schedule. I'll let everyone who's signed up to the website know if/when these will be available.

Many thanks for taking part,


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