How to hold the lute

However you sit or stand with the lute, here are a few tips to avoid injury:

  • Use a strap - it's difficult to hold the notoriously slippy lute without one!
  • Keep your back straight - hunching is very temping.
  • If sitting try to have your legs a comfortable distance apart - shoulder width might be a good marker. A few performers play with crossed legs and some use a footstool.
  • Let your shoulders relax while you play.


I also use a small square of non-slip material on either my thigh or stomach depending on the size of lute I'm playing.

Here is a picture of how I sit:


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    I hope I’m not being impertinent, but I just noticed that you mention on the website receive one of your CDs for free – if the offer still stands, I would love to receive or download Elizabeth’s Lutes.

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