Day 3

This piece is from the Craus Lute Book housed and looked after by the Austrian National Music Collection (ms 18688). Although we don't know who composed it, we expect the book to have been collated from about 1540.

Although it's a very short piece -- if you can even call it a piece -- it's sometimes useful to use this kind of miniature to work on technical aspects of your playing. As there's no real melody or structure in this one, you might as well take the opportunity to focus on your right hand stability and your left hand shifts.

I think this might be the first 'Postludio' I've ever played, has anyone heard of another? I'd love to collect a few to play through.

If you liked this one, why not pass it on?


  1. Rupert Waddington says:

    Aha – when I realised the second finger for the penultimate note is on the same string in the chord, life became manageable 🙂

  2. Christopher Allworth says:

    A most welcome Challenge!
    The penultimate measure is, at the moment, a rubato one 🙂

  3. Stephen Hampshire says:

    Getting to that chord in time is tricky isn’t it?

    1. Alex McCartney says:

      I’m really glad it’s not just me that finds that shift difficult!

      1. Stephen Hampshire says:

        It’s something I find much harder on the lute than the guitar. Not sure if that’s just muscle memory or all those strings!

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