Day 1


Welcome to the January Lute Challenge 2024

This piece is from the Craus Lute Book housed and looked after by the Austrian National Music Collection (ms 18688). Although we don't know who composed it, we expect the book to have been collated from about 1540.

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  1. David Krupka says:

    This little prelude serves as a very nice ‘warm-up’ piece: opening with a few repeated chords before moving into a series of scale passages punctuated by various types of cadence. A perfect way to begin a morning practice session! It’s definitely going in my ‘keeper’ file.

  2. David Krupka says:

    It’s great to see the Lute Challenge back, Alex! It provides an excellent opportunity to review basic technique, whatever our level might be. I can’t think of a better way to begin my ‘musical’ year!

    1. Alex McCartney says:

      That is great to hear David, thank you! Happy New Year!

  3. Alastair Merrill says:

    Great to see the January Challenge back! This is a lovely piece to begin with.

    1. Alex McCartney says:

      Glad you like this piece Alastair, it’s so useful as a warm-up.

  4. Tom Knight says:

    Hi Alex, thanks once again, my third time! Wishing you a great 2024.

    1. Alex McCartney says:

      Hi Tom, welcome back! Happy New Year!

  5. Martin Wall says:

    HI Alex
    Since I last wrote at the end of your 2022 Challenge, I have been involved in World music, modal music, folk, medieval and on a number of instruments, but lately have returned to the lute and to that quintessential early 16th century repertoire that resonates so strongly with this great instrument. You are a fantastic teacher!! Well done and looking forward to the rest of this so-called challenge. In fact, the challenge is in trying to resist playing these pieces 😊thanks and all the best

    1. Alex McCartney says:

      Hello Martin, it’s so lovely to hear about all your wide musical experiences. I hope this challenge is a fun experience for you!

  6. H. Th. says:

    Hello Alex. I wish you a happy, healthy and musical New Year. Thanks for this new challenge. Very nice. I’m in again. Henk

    1. Alex McCartney says:

      Happy New Year Henk! Enjoy the challenge.

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