Day 12

**Apologies, the audio in this video is not up to the usual standard. The microphone had slightly malfunctioned and it makes the lute sound a little bit weird. I hope the video is useful to you nonetheless.

You've made it to the end of this year's January Lute Challenge. Congratulations!

Thanks so much for taking part, it's always a lot of fun to put the challenge together. Hopefully see you all again next year.

Peeter van der Phaliesen, Latinised as Petrus Phalesius, French versions of name Pierre Phalèse and Pierre de Phaleys (c. 1510 – c. 1575) was a Flemish bookseller, printer and publisher. Aside from a number of literary and scientific works, his printing press is mainly known for its publications of music. Phalesius was the principal publisher of music active in the sixteenth-century Low Countries.

Petrus Phalesius was born in Leuven about 1510. His original name was Peeter (or Pieter) van der Phaliesen. Phalesius started a bookseller business in 1545 and soon set up a publishing house.

Phalesius at first outsourced the printing of his books to other printers such as Jacob Bathen, Servaas van Sassen and Reynier Velpen. After obtaining a printing patent in 1552, he established himself as an independent printer in Leuven. By 1553 his press was printing his own high-quality output from movable type. In 1570 he entered into a partnership with Johannes Bellerus, a printer based in Antwerp, enabling him to reach a wider clientele.

Phalesius died in Leuven in 1575. His sons Cornelis (Cornelius) and Petrus Phalesius the Younger continued the family firm. The latter moved the business in 1581 to premises in Antwerp. In Antwerp the publishing house flourished into the seventeenth century under the direction of Petrus the Younger's daughters Maria and Magdalena.

Biography sourced from Wikipedia

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  1. I like this piece. Seems like a great practice exercise.

  2. Alastair Merrill says:

    Really enjoyed mashing through this praeludium – it’s a great warm up exercise for both hands! Thanks so much for another brilliant January challenge.

  3. H. Th. says:

    Sounds a bit like an electric guitar to me :-). And yes, I made it to the end, although there’s still a lot of practice needed to make it all a bit more fluent. No matter, there’s a whole new year to practice, so hope to join again next year. Thank you so much Alex, for all the effort.

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