Day 7

This is another piece is from the Craus Lute Book; housed and looked after by the Austrian National Music Collection (ms 18688). Although we don't know who composed it, we expect the book to have been collated from about 1540.

The title means 'Between mountain and deep valley' -- I'm not sure how much everyone likes to visualise these things when they play but evoking something of that kind of atmosphere might be fun.

I particularly like how steady and slightly dark this piece is. What do you think?


  1. Jonathan Harwood says:

    I’m really enjoying this challenge so far.

    In bar 24 I was wondering about holding the second c (tab) in the treble until it descends to the b while also holding the c in the bass to the end of the bar (so fingering the c and d chord with the 3rd and 4th fingers of the left hand)?

    1. Alex McCartney says:

      Hello Jonathan,
      Yes you can definitely do it that way — it’ll definitely be a cleaner way of maintaining the parts. You’ll notice that I fudge it by just sliding a finger down a fret in the bass part, it still maintains the line but it’s definitely more of a tangle.
      Glad you’re enjoying the Challenge!

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